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"Craig was my first "real" guitar hero.  From our first lesson, to our last, he taught me things about the guitar that I won't ever forget. Not only is Craig a great guitar instructor, but he is a great musician.  Any musician from any level can benefit from what Craig is teaching.  Whether your looking to build insane chops, or want to write a great song, look no further for instruction!"
Jared James Nichols
Berklee College of Music
Double Scholarship winner:
$50,000 & $25,000

Jared has went on to work with legendary producer Eddie Kramer, has collaborated with artist such as John Mayer, Buddy Guy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and has had several very successful European tours. 
Winner of the Musicians Institute 2010 Gibson Les Paul Competition.
Midwest winner of Guitar Center's "King of the Blues" 2009 Competition.

"What do you say about the guy who helped you get your first multi-track tape recorder and drum machine and pushed you to write your first song?  Craig is the man! He took my interest in music and helped me develop it into a passion that got me accepted into Berklee College of Music for Music Production and Engineering.  I still think of Craig as one of my best instructors. He covered everything from finger picking to music production and always kept it interesting!"
Jake Gorski
Berklee College of Music Graduate
Engineer: Capitol Records Recording Studio
Hollywood CA

Projects: Rod Stewart, Quincy Jones, Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Guitar Hero, Disney, The Grammy Foundation, numerous scoring sessions for television and film.

"I've been taking lessons from Craig for about two years and have enjoyed every lesson.  I recently took part in a pageant where I performed a song on guitar and sang.  I was hesitant because I'd never performed alone before, so I went to Craig and asked him to help fine tune the song and get it ready to perform.  He not only gave me tips for the performance, he also let me borrow an amp.  Thanks to Craig I took first place in talent and also won a few scholarships.  Thanks Craig!"
Katlyn Pluer         

First Place: Wisconsin National Teenager Pageant-Talent Category
Scholarships won:
Milwaukee School of Engineering - Half Tuition ($80,00 - $100,000)
Eckerd College - $10,000
University of Charleston -

"Dear Craig - I wanted to let you know that Nolan's audition for the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music won him an award of $150.00 - this money should pay for either a summer camp he was thinking of attending, or over half of the Music Theory class he was thinking of taking.  Wanted to let you know.  Have a great day! - Lisa Ard"
Nolan Ard        

Learned fingerstyle classical guitar in only one month to prepare for upcoming audition

Scholarship won:
Wisconsin Conservatory of Music - $150



Just wanted to tell you how grateful I'm of your knowledge of the guitar and music. You have a passion or such a focus with the guitar or should I say music and you live by it, and it shows, so thanks for passing this on.  You remind me of my own passion that I have with bodybuilding, your laser focus with the music, where start in time with music, which chords I may not be hitting or if we're out of tune and getting it back in, WOW you amaze me. Thanks for keeping me in check, You are the teacher I'm greatful to learn from.

I've seen you put together the student concert, this was great to see; you did a great job, and again you had such a focus in getting this together.

As I'm getting started later in life playing the guitar, I sometimes sit in class wishfully thinking I want to play the same as you. But I know I have a good teacher(Craig) and this will take some time for me to progress, SO I give you big thanks for being who your are as a teacher. Regards your elderly student -
Bill Gonio

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Craig! What an incredible opportunity you give your students - performing solo on stage with lights, amps, audience ---- there's nothing like that. As a teacher, I appreciate both all that goes into making an event like that happen and the incredible value inherent in such authentic experience as the one you provided. The effects of your influence on your students run deep. We feel extremely fortunate to have you in Eliot's life. Thanks for all you do -
Claudia Felske


That was my first guitar clinic, I am just floored. Being able to be right there, watching and listening and have to stop and talk about it, answer questions about what he's doing and how. It was really awesome. Jared was really great. I have no idea how long he's been playing, but it's obvious that it came with a lot of really hard work on top of a heap of talent. Craig, kudos to you for putting it together. It been a great experience since I picked up your classes, thanks for that!"
Gregory Carlson

"The academy really has a unique concept that makes better players faster. Craig Friemoth is the teacher and the hour-long classes are designed to keep coming back to the important areas: chords, theory, rock techniques, strumming, composing/recording, and lead playing. Even adults (like me!...) can learn the guitar!" - Heidi Huenink

"Thanks so much Craig...flexible schedules make it so easy. Joe is so into guitar still and a huge part of it is you keeping it fun and fresh. We love Wisconsin Guitar Academy! Thanks again:)" - Shari Kirschnik

Quality Instruction

Craig Friemoth | Full Bio

Two-time WAMI Winner
Best of Milwaukee Winner
Instructing: Since 1997
Album Recordings With:
Phil Collen | Def Leppard

Tommy Holland | Steppenwolf
Gary Putman | Dread Zepplin
Music Degree: Classic Guitar

Lynyrd Skynyrd

   Jared James Nichols
On tour in Germany with Lynyrd Skynyrd

Last nights gig in Germany with the very talented Jared James Nichols!!!!!

Posted by Mary Elizabeth on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Student Concerts


Owen performing "Hocus Pocus" by Gary Hoey with Mt Olive at the 2015 WGA student concert, Saturday, March 21.

Posted by Brian Goedland on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Student Recordings

Marquette University

"I Wish I Were My Son’s Guitar Teacher"
Article about the Wisconsin Guitar Academy

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